"Nobodies like us are only half a person."

On Stealing my Gifs - “kingdom-hearts-the-first-keblade”


So I woke up this morning to find "kingdom-hearts-the-first-keblade.tumblr" to be reposting my gifs without permission.

Lets not, okay? I dont watermark my gifs becuase I have enough faith in the fandom to be respectful about this kind of stuff, but apparently I was wrong. 

So do me a big favor and not reblog from that blog, please. I work hard on my gifs and I do not appreciate them being stolen. At all. 

I dont care if the blog has a disclaimer saying none of the content is theirs. Reposting others work without credit is wrong and disrespectful and I will not stand for it. 

So who has their Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance promise rings on, and hasnt spoiled it for themselves?

For a little touch of heavenly light 

Who’s excited? 

Who has to buy a 3DS now?

"I’m so FLATTERED." 

"Even if I’m not ready… I have to make this choice." 

"You”ll be…. better off now… Roxas." 

"Let’s go home." 

"Your darkness belongs to you. Just like your light." 

 ”Shes a manipulative witch who shackles peoples hearts with phony memories!”

"They say every world is connected by one great big sky." 

"Look at the good luck charm. I changed its shape when I changed your memory. But when you thought of her just once it went back to the way it was."